Hope United Methodist Church

Dear Hope Family, Friends, and Neighbors,


You are cordially invited to

Christmas Dinner

On Tuesday, December the 25th, 2018

At 3-5 p.m.

Hosted by

Rev. Linny Hartzell

RSVP requested.

And so we enter the Advent season.

Holidays bring out various emotions, excitement, and anxieties for many. Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular tend to be the high-tide for these dynamics. I hope that we can honor all that the holidays bring and still celebrate the birth of Christ Child with one another. After all, Christ is at the core of the season, as we celebrate Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope that God brings to us.

So won't you dine with me this Christmas? (Yes, I am fully preparing and cooking the entire meal!) Come as you are and bring your loved ones, friends, neighbors, a foreigner, an immigrant, those who may be grieving, alone, those who have and have-nots. ALL ARE WELCOME! The Christ awaits!..

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Linny.

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