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Camp and Grow!

It seemed we waited for so long, anticipating for the summer to arrive this year. Now, here it is flying by! July is upon us, and August will be gone in a blink of the eye. For those of you that plant a garden, you’ve been particularly grateful for all the rain that has been blessing the crops helping them to thrive and grow. When the harvest comes, may the fruits be bountiful! How is it that you have been tending to your garden?

As I think of things growing throughout the summer, my heart reflects upon the last two weeks with the children. First at resident camp and then at VBS here at Hope. Camp and Grow is a little phrase that has been in my mind since we came home from JOY camp. Each year it is my honor and blessing to carve out a week in my life and spend it with youth, 5th - 12th grade, at camp. As I help these campers to discover new ways to grow in God's grace; it never fails, my heart expands and grows as well.

It is so nurturing to “camp”. To go to a specific place to focus on the goodness of our God, and allow yourself to absorb what is offered. A quiet chair each morning to feed from God’s word, I sunlight sky to gaze into and a clear summer evening. Perhaps a secluded park bench on your lunch hour, or a time before your meal at the kitchen table, it is vital to your growth to carve out some time. We learn from the story of Martha and Mary, Luke 10:38-42, that we need to take time to camp at the feet of Jesus and listen, to pick what is important and not let that be taken away from you.

Camp and grow in grace this season, and share the bountiful goodness!

In Christ Love,

Pastor Terri

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