Note from Pastor

Dear Church Family,

A Word – For What It’s Worth

I was reading an article the other day on the power of four letter words in the English Language. Just the mention of the phrase “four letter words” probably brings instant examples to the forefront of your mind. Often words can be very powerful, yet have little worth. Words devalue others when used for their shock value with the purpose of striking fear, hurt or anger onto/into an intended recipient. They are effective, but have no value. The use of such verbiage leaves both those who speak and all those who hear feeling a bit (or a lot) less “worth” than when the words were uttered. In the delivery and in the receiving they can become a part of us and devalue who we are, sometimes making us feel worthless.

My favorite four letter word is LOVE. This word is more powerful than any other, because it is ‘worth” so much more. The word love and word’s uttered in love build us up and become a part of our being, and transform us to be better people.

Love: This is just what the Lenten season is all about. As we continue our journey with Jesus to the Cross (then the resurrection!). Focus on the love (or refocus if you have fallen off the path). We are on a journey to understand more deeply this four letter word that can and should define our worth.

God is LOVE. Not a single thing in life can we say love or God and not interchange them. Love (God) changes lives. God (Love) uplifts, upholds, supports and transforms lives. Love (God) saves lives. God IS LOVE. We love because God first loved us. The Story of Jesus birth - journey to the cross - and resurrection is God’s greatest love story. And it is for us. It is for YOU. The sacrifice of Christ is speaking to you: “I L –O – V - E you this much!” (as He out-stretches his arms upon the cross). “I am with you every s – t – e - p of the way.”

I encourage you to do this exercise… take a deep breath and…

*Utter to yourself in the Silence: “Jesus loves me.”

           *Say it out loud Timidly: “Jesus loves me ? !”

                *Proclaim it Emphatically; “Jesus LOVES ME!!!” (Stretching out your arms)

             *And now it’s Personal! “Jesus loves me.”

Let that settle in and become a part of who you are.

Repeat it as often as it takes for you to believe it.

Let it be who you are.

This is love. Jesus said you were worth dying for and there is nothing you can do to change his mind about that. The price has been paid my friend, and that makes you invaluable in the eyes of Christ His Word is true- so don’t ever think you are worth-less than that amount of love. If you are interested in knowing more: I have a really good book, with lots of words that back this theory up!

God bless you – my Love to all,

Pastor Terri

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