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Dear Beloved Friends,


Spring is sprouting up all around us. The days are getting longer and sunshine is filling our souls. Springtime is an important time of renewal. The splendor of God's creation that surrounds us goes from drab brown and gray to bright green, filled with new flowers of every color. God created the earth to go through these cycles of dormancy and vibrance, death and renewal, when something dies off, God is there to give renewal and new life.

As Easter approaches, we need to be aware that through the death of Jesus, we were renewed. Our drab brown and gray sins were put upon Jesus. By the grace of God, Jesus was put to death and our drab brown and gray sins were renewed and transformed to bright green, filled with peace, hope, love and joy, the flowers that bloom and show vibrancy to the world.

Take time this Easter season to repent to God, so He knows that you are ready to remove all of the drab brown and gray sins from your heart. Be in a relationship with God, through prayer, worship, music and reading scripture. Tell Him that you are ready to accept his grace, the grace that will renew your life. As the beauty of nature blossoms all around you, make the time to thank God for how He renews the earth, but also rejoice with Him on how through Jesus Christ, He renews you!

In Christ's service,

Pastor Ron DeBaun

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