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News & Announcements

REMINDER: Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm. Phone #: 815-436-2209. Please leave a message for Cathy and I will be happy to respond the next time I am in the office.


Anyone needing a supply of Offering Envelopes, please let Cathy (815-436-2209) know and I will have them ready for pickup in the office during the regular office hours.

CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE DINNER FOR MARCH 13TH. We need your help to make it happen.

Can you help by donating the food items? Cooking? Working on the 13th? Please let me know if you are

able to help. Thank you in advance.






Please feel free to write a word of encouragement or send cards to Maya and Dominic.

- Maya Bown’s Contact Info:

PVT Bown, Maya


4380 Magruder Avenue Fort Jackson, SC 29207

(#1 goes on back of envelope)

- Dominic Larmon’s Contact Info:

PSC 41 Box 1077

APO, AE 09464-0011

Anyone wishing to write to Doug, here's the address:

Douglas Willis


Federal Correctional Institute

P.O. Box 6001 Ashland, KY 41105

- All letters must be in black and white ink and paper.

- No colors

- No address labels or stickers on the envelope.



- Salli Skarda

660 W. 2nd St., Apt 109

Braidwood, IL 60408



Wanetta Evans has been in the hospital twice this last month with pneumonia and double pneumonia. Currently she is guaranteed in a special unit at Alden Place. After one more week, she will be back in her room, 316 Bed 2 and will have her same telephone number, 815-230-8700, at that time. She misses her church family so cards or phone calls would be appreciated.


 Please keep our church in your prayers as we are in the financial crisis and as we seek for ways to encourage our church members to remain true to tithing, and to the building fund, and seek to creating fundraisers.


Please send your prayers and concerns to Pastor Linny (email, text, phone call, etc.) or to

Cathy at the Office (815-436-2209) or drop off a note at the office). We appreciate your help

keeping up with the news of the families in our church.

Prayer Chains

At Hope UMC we have 2 active prayer chains: one on which we are connected by the intern et and another one for those without internet access who wish to participate in this ministry. Each week you will receive a message containing the Joys and Concerns from the Sunday worship and any special requests that arise during the week. If you are so led, we ask that you offer prayers for these individuals and situations. Please contact Pastor Linny or the church office if you have questions or wish to be included on one of the lists.

Joliet Cluster is continuing to support the Ridgewood United Community Food Pantry

The Joliet Cluster is continuing to support the Ridgewood United Community Food Pantry, an outreach of Trinity United

Methodist Church. Continued donations of Toilet Paper, Diapers, and Feminine Products (APRIL donation – Juice

bottles or cans that do not require refrigeration before opening) would be greatly appreciated. Please place them in

the blue bins in the hallway by the Church Office. Donations of money are always welcome to help in the purchase of

other food items.


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